True Christian

I finally met one true Christian

You also may have been disappointed by the people you know who profess to be Christian but turn out to be hypocrites. I have been around a while and know a lot of church people, I am one myself. Sincere people, but the more we proclaim what should be right, the more we seem to fall short of it. People in authority are the biggest disappointment, including parents, teachers and religious leaders. Every once in a while I meet someone who seems like a true Christian, but then as I get to know them I see some flaw in their character like pride or dishonesty. Or maybe they are just unloving. Usually Christians profess great ideals but in reality their spirituality is very shallow.

Jesus said, “He who works for the honor of the one who sent him is a man of truth; there is nothing false about him.” (John 7:18) This means that self-righteous people seeking their own egotistical glory are not really righteous at all! It means that true righteousness seeks the glory of God. What can we say? Is everyone deceived? Is everyone a hypocrite? Is there no one who is totally honest with themselves? I found a couple of thoughts about this in the Bible: “There is no one righteous, not even one; there is no one who understands, no one who truly seeks God.” (Romans 3:10) I have come to believe that the Bible does agree with our suspicions. It is bluntly honest about the perversion of man. It seems that everything that our Creator made good, we twist it when we put our hands on it, especially religion. In the Bible every hero, every king, every prophet, every priest fouled up in some way, even Moses.

Then the Bible presents the one True Man, or what we would call a “true Christian”, Jesus. He was the one of divine origin. He was totally human as we are, yet he was divine. It took God in human flesh to show us how to live the perfect live. He walked among us as one of us. Maybe we have all misunderstood what being Christian is all about. We may have assumed that it is all about showing how wonderful we are, as though God would be impressed. If I understand the Bible correctly, it is pointing me to trusting in God as my savior and living in relationship with him. It is focusing on him as my hero rather than myself. This is quite a bit different than living for the sake of my own self-righteous ego. Yes there is one true Christian, but it is not me, it is Jesus.

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