Human condition

Humans seem to have some kind of sickness. Some say its lack of knowledge. Maybe a lack of knowledge of God! Humans seem to corrupt everything we put our hands on. Especially our religion! The first murder was a religious war, Cain and Able (Genesis). Instead of many religions leading to God, we’ve created many religions running away from God. It is undeniable that there is something broken in mankind.

With all of mankind’s great potential, what is the problem? Why do we use our science to blow each other up; for abortions, clones, caustic chemicals, addictive chemicals, destructive porn and destruction of nature?

It’s all about choice. In the beginning God gave us choice. Choice is the essential element in love. Choice is the difference between rape and love.  And we’ve made our choice to rebel. Mankind made her choice to do it her own way. God is not a rapist, he is a lover. And our choices affect others. Why doesn’t God stop the drunk driver getting into his car? Why doesn’t God stop the atheist from blaspheming? Why doesn’t God stop rich people on one side of the planet for the sake of poor people on the other side? It is all about choice!

If we define evil as the absence of God’s goodness, then where ever we choose to not allow God’s rule, what remains to rule is evil. Darkness rules where the light is not allowed.

Natural disaster, disease, birth defects

“If our Creator could have stopped this why didn’t it. Our creator must be evil!” some have said. Most religions make some attempt at explaining the existence of evil; karma, fate, ignorance, natural selection. The Bible offers its best explanations in Genesis and Job. Genesis points to mankind’s choice which also affected nature. And Job shows a figurative drama involving an unseen world hidden from the eyes of Job, with job representing mankind. These stories still fall short of giving us the exact reasons. It chooses an element of mystery preferring the right of the Creator to not totally explain itself. The Creator speaks to Job when Job demands reasons, “Who is this who darkens my counsel with words without knowledge? Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? Tell me if you understand. Who marked off its dimensions? Surely you know!” (Job 38). Apparently God is not the one on trial.

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