In protecting our endangered species we protect the hope of future life. The present creature may appear insignificant but we recognize that life once destroyed will never return. In the egg of an eagle there is life and life potential that we respect and cherish. It is the same with all of life. It is that flame that once extinguished can never come back. It is sacred. It is the essence of human hope. It is a gift.

Likewise a fetus in the womb is a seed of life. Should we discard it because it is easily replaceable? But this one life is not replaceable, it is unique, and there is hope of what it will become.

Literature and movies tell the dramatic story of man’s indomitable, unquenchable spirit and our will to survive, to not let the flame go out. This is the hope of life. It is a universal attribute of mankind. Possibly it was put into our heart by the giver of life.

The story of Jesus rising from the dead is the ultimate story of hope. It is God’s story of hope offered to us. It is what we cannot do, given to us. It is the initial gift of life repeated. It comes from beyond us. It is hope. It is a gift. How can we believe in something so fantastic? Our confidence has to be in the person of an almighty faithful God. It cannot be a small g god. Only a Creator that is vastly beyond our comprehension could do this. Only a Creator who could create this amazing universe could be capable of resurrection.

But if this God of hope is offering us life after death as a gift, then if there is one breath left in me I need to respond to him. If you believe this hope is for you then respond to your Creator personally. Don’t get side tracked with religious labels and organizations. Those things just confuse the only real issue; the hand of God reaching out to us in Jesus. It is all based on trust, a relationship of trust with a faithful God. Now may be the time for you to begin that relationship. It all begins with a simple prayer of trust and commitment. Just honestly express your need of life now and eternally to God and accept his gift of life through Jesus. Commit yourself to him as your Savior and Lord.

Bloody tree

The seed falls,

it must fall,

giving way to life.

For in it lies hope.

Softened in the soil,

feel the warmth.

Life come forth.

Seed of life arise.

Face the dangers that wait,

To choke, cut, crucify.

Survive the womb, the school yard jungle,

Survive the freeway, beat cancer.

But death, your grip is cold.

Oh tree, bloody tree,

Source of life,


The seed falls,

to the ground it falls.

It must fall,

to bring forth life.

The seed falls,

It must fall,

giving way to life.

For in you lies hope.



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