heart question


The Question for this generation is not: Is there a creator? But the question we should ask is: Who is this creator?

The time for asking, “does it exist?” is long past. People from every corner of the world know that there is some spiritual force or energy out there. We could be asking; who is it?  Does it reveal itself? Is it male or female or both? Is it an impersonal mysterious energy? Or is it capable of thinking, love, relationship, justice and mercy?

How can we know or understand anything about this creator?  I would consider the creation as the first revelation of the creator. The art is just a shadow of the artist. Think of your most favorite person, how much you love them. Now think of how awesome the being must be who put life into that person. Your friend is just a partial reflection of an incredible being. So we might know something of the creator just by looking around. By the overwhelming size, detail, complexity of this universe I see that this being is so far beyond my comprehension that it must reveal itself to me if I want to know it. Knowledge of this being must be based on its own self-revelation rather than my conjectures.

I believe our creator is self-revealing, and dwelt in human flesh as one of us! Incredible, if you want to know what God is like look into the face of Jesus; who being in very nature God, did not hold onto His title but let it go. He became our servant even to death. All of mankind should recognize who it was among us. He is the ultimate revelation of God because He was a living revelation rather than someone like me just talking about God. He is the ultimate Prophet.

If this is true that our creator is revealing itself to us, then what does it desire for us? What should our response be?

I believe that our Creator reveals itself to us that we might know it. It is our heart that it desires. It is a personal, spiritual relationship where we take our place as creatures before our Creator. We come to our Creator on its terms not our own.



I tried to put my dog in a box, a cute little box,

But he would not go in, just wagged his tail, wanted to play.

I tried to put my dog in a bigger box,

Do ya know what that dog said? No way I won’t stay.

Tried to put my dog in a bigger box, as big as my house,

but he ran away, would not stay.

One day I tried to get my dog into a huge box, big as my church. He just turned away.

I tried to put my dog into the world’s biggest box, big as the sky! I cried and said, “Why, won’t you please stay in my box?”

He just laughed at me and said,

“You silly boy, you can’t build a box big enough for me!

And I just will not stay, no way!”

Then my dog said to me,

“Welcome to my house, There’s plenty of room for you here!  Won’t you please come in?” So I did.

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