Systemic racial injustice

Maaark’s platform for correcting systemic racial injustice

The purpose of this is to recognize specific systems that affect marginalized citizens and may perpetuate their marginalized status. These cut across racial lines but African Americans are affected more often. Our laws should work towards centralizing people rather than casting them off to the margins.

 1- Ex-felons should have the right to vote. Voting rights may be denied during incarceration but once penalties have been paid felons should be encouraged to re-enter society with full citizen rights.

2- Ex-felons should have the right to possess guns. Some special restrictions may apply depending upon category of crime committed, but blanket denial of that citizen right is unjust.

3- Ex-felons should be eligible to serve as law enforcement officers. The reason that minority communities are not proportionally represented in law enforcement is that many are disqualified for their criminal past. It would be better to utilize our prisons as a recruitment resource to build law honoring civil servants.

4- The national minimum wage needs to be high enough that local economy housing can be afforded at less than 35% of the monthly income. In the McDonalds near me all the workers are Black. They are honest hardworking people and should get paid enough to lift out of poverty, not perpetuate it.

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